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I'm eager to hear what the results are and if she contacts you directly. You really have to post an "Update" so that your regular readers can know how this turns out.

I love the use of the crowd to battle back. I think there's a lot of consumers who would willingly pay for a service to do this...

I just came across your blog and wanted to drop you a note telling you how impressed I was with the information you have posted here.

Let's step back and look at this from a different perspective. I think you owe the junior senator from NY an apology.

First, she served up a softball to you down the middle of the plate, which you turned on and drove right out the park.

Second, she gave you an opportunity to rub shoulders with Al Franken. As a proud fellow Minnesotan, I simply cannot understand why you didn't jump on that.

Seriously, though, I appreciate your efforts and your humor. And as a fellow Dartmouth '88 who ended up on the senator's solicitation list, I will be using some of the recommended 10 steps to get off the list.

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