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mplementing SaaS applications on an enterprise scale multiplies the benefits, presenting new opportunities to streamline and integrate processes and systems.

I wanted to let the readers know about FranklinCovey CRM, they have 3 editions with several different feature sets. They all feature the FranklinCovey Planning Methodology in a planner like interface that combines Tasks, Calendar, Notes and Email from the Home Page. Powerful Weekly Planning Tools will assist in prioritizing your most important tasks and goals... [remainder of advertisement deleted]


Thanks for taking the time to post. My readers can find your marketing material on your website: http://www.completexrm.com - no need to paste two pages of it here.

We're interested in any valuable insights you can provide toward CRM success or some of your views on the CRM market and its direction, or even your counter to my post. Let's give the readers some new insights that advance their business lives, not another tome of marketing and 'buy through me' jargon.


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