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Thanks a lot for sharing the list of VA.

Thank you for this great list of VA's and for giving me the opportunity of adding my name to the list.

Very lengthy list of VA's, however, I'm not sure how your "worker" came up with Maureen Flynn as the owner of my company Pacific Pro VA! Maureen is a really nice lady and former client, but never the owner of my company (I gave her to a subcontractor of mine.)

Please change at your earliest convenience.

Gretchen H Walden, Owner & President
Pacific Pro VA

Gretchen, it has been corrected. Best,

Really very good post. Thank you for adding this list.
Keep it up.......


I myself a virtual assistant was amazed to see this list. good collection.


To deliver the services and to communicate with the clients Virtual Assistants utilizes today’s technologies by working for them remotely. A virtual assistant can help you grow your business by handling the administrative support tasks. Just think, instead of hiring a full time employee, you can hire a virtual assistant and could save tens of thousands of dollars. Also when you are on a vacation or a holiday you can relax and enjoy while all your work will be getting done by your Virtual Assistant.

Virtual assistant blogs are an awesome way to keep up with what’s going on in the industry and get latest updates.I love reading virtual assistant blogs!

Erin Smith.
virtual assistant

I like this virtual assistant list as it is beneficial to virtual assistant service provider and for business enterprises.

This is definitely a very useful list, i am a
virtual assistant too. Thanks for sharing!

Your list is amazing. Thanks for sharing such a huge list, which is really worthy. I appreciate your post.


I like and understand fully your topic and bookmark it for future post of you. wish you all

the best of all.Excellent post for me and thank you for this

Thanks for sharing this list.
Keep sharing,
Red @ Virtual Assistant Business Philippines

I can see that you’re an expert in this region. I am starting an internet site soon, and your information will be very helpful for me.. Thank you for all of your help and wishing you all the success inside your business.

It was a really a piece of cake because the system was properly planned. Good job guys!


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